Large Motor Skills Development of large motor skills enables a child to walk, run, jump, hop, kick and throw. Read on for some useful and effective activities which aid in the overall development of a child.
Large motor skills, also known as the gross motor skills, are those that involve the larger muscles in the body and enable functions such as walking, jumping, kicking, lifting, throwing and sitting upright, possible.

These skills almost involve the movement of muscles of the entire body and hence, to develop them completely and at the right time, is very essential. Let's move on to learn some activities which will be doing in our child's class routine to aid in the development of his large motor skills. 

​Motor Skill Activities

Awareness of body practicing with batons handed to another child as part of relays. The child should be able to improve his posture and control his body as well.
Laterality i.e. the child's ability of being aware of his left and right side.
Coordination between the various muscles.
Spatial orientation i.e the child's ability to being aware of his body in relation to the objects and people in his surroundings.

Army Crawl, crab walk, bear walk etc... is another activities we will be practicing all over the room so that the child crawl in different positions will help greatly in developing their muscles.

Our advance activities skills such as balancing, running and jumping. We will combine this movements to start  them running over a straight line and  jumping on hoops.

Jogging:  will find our kids running, galloping, skipping. Making the kids walk alternately in small,

big, slow and fast steps helps in developing their muscles.

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