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Reasons to learn Spanish. 

It is wonderful to start learning Spanish at young age. Children have a window of opportunity to become familiar with Spanish through classic songs, games, and movements. Before they realize they are learning a new language. If you can develop a foundation and familiarity in Spanish at a young age (before 6 or 7), children can rapidly accelerate their knowledge of Spanish in later years


1. Has a positive effect on intellectual growth.

2. Enriches and enhances a child's mental development.

3. Leaves students with more flexibility in thinking greater sensitivity to
​language, and a better ear for listening.

4. improves child's understanding of his/her native language.

5. Gives a child the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to know.

6. Opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries.

7. Gives a student a head start in language requirements for college.

8. Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.

 Learning a second language not only provides the benefits of being more competitive in a global economy,

but research shows that learning Spanish also improves reading, vocabulary and comprehension in English.

In addition, learning Spanish has been shown to improve math abilities.  Learning a second language is

amazingly stimulating for the brain and may help a child’s development in many social and academic areas.